Building it Yourself

Be a hero to your kids and build them their very own Cedar Summit Play Set! Cedar Summit products are designed for the average customer to install without professional assistance. We provide a very detailed Step by Step illustrated Instruction Manual and have a Customer Experience team that is dedicated to helping you through your assembly process. Click here for tips to help with your installation from yard prep through maintenance.

We're Here to Help!

So you've decided to be a hero and build your Cedar Summit play set, but where do you start? Don't worry, our dedicated Customer Experience Team is always here to help! We have tips and tricks to guide you throughout the entire installation process. Read and watch the videos below to help ensure you have a smooth installation. If you have any questions along the way be sure to reach out to our Customer Experience Team!

Step 1: Prepare your Yard

Step 2: Get Organized and Complete your Inventory

Step 3: Installation Process

Step 4: Installation of Protective Surfacing Material

Step 5: Maintain your Play Set

Step 6: Keep the fun going!

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Prepare your Yard

The first thing to do when preparing to install your Play Set is to ensure your yard is ready. Start by choosing the landing spot for your play set. Make sure you build the play set directly on ground (not concrete or asphalt) and ensure you clear enough space for the ASTM recommended safety zone. The ASTM safety zone is a predefined obstacle free area around the play set that safely accommodates swinging, slide landing space and running area. You can find the recommended safety zone for your play set on the front page of your instruction manual or under the Construction and Dimensions Tab on our product page. Once you've chosen your landing spot and cleared your safety zone you need to make sure the landing spot for your Play Set is level. If it's not, follow the simple steps in the safety zone video below to level the area. For more tips on what to consider before choosing the final landing spot for your play set and preparing your yard watch the videos below.

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Get Organized and Complete your Inventory

Once your yard is ready there are a few more steps that we recommend you take to prepare for the installation of your Cedar Summit Play Set. Start by retrieving your instruction manual out of the boxes and thoroughly reading it up to step 1. These pages contain important information on safe play, protective surfacing material, proper maintenance, warranty information, keys to assembly, and inventory. Next complete your inventory, and contact our Customer Experience Team if you have any missing or damaged parts. After all parts have been identified, sort the pieces into installation step and gather all of the tools listed on page 6 of your instruction manual. Watch our Getting Organized video for tips to make getting ready for the installation of your Cedar Summit play set as easy as possible.

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Installation Process

Before beginning your installation check your instruction manual or our product page to see the recommended assembly time and the number of people required. When completing the assembly it is important that you follow the instructions closely and read each step. If you find that you have any questions or concerns along the way please reach out to our experts on the Customer Experience Team and they will be able to help.

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About Protective Surfacing Material

Backyard play sets are great for kids; they keep them active and help grow their imaginations through play! As with any activity, you want to make sure they play safe. One of the most important things you can do to reduce the likelihood of serious injuries is to install shock absorbing protective surfacing material under and around your play set. Read through the Protective Surfacing page and watch the video below for information on what protective surfacing material is and how it should be installed.

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How to Maintain your Product

An outdoor play set is great for any backyard, and with kids it's sure to get its fair share of use! To make sure your kids get the most out of their play set we've made every Cedar Summit play set with Premium Cedar Lumber and high quality components. However, as with all outdoor products, overtime it can weather and wear. Performing regular inspections and maintenance goes a long way in prolonging the life and safety of your play set. Check out our Maintenance Page for information on how to maintain your Cedar Summit play set.

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Keep the Fun Going!

Want some great ideas on crafts and games your kids can do to engage in imaginative and active play? Enter your email and sign up to join our Play of the Month Club! Each month we will email you a new idea of a craft or activity that your kids to do with their Cedar Summit Play Set!

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Looking for an Installer?

At Cedar Summit we do not offer installation services, however as a service to our customers we do maintain a list of installers that we have had feedback in regards to. Fill in the form below to receive a list of known installers in your area.